Eric Eisenhart

Just this guy, you know?

A few details...

Where did the rest of the site go?

Once upon a time I had plenty of free time. I had much more of a web­site back then. A blog I ran my­self, and more infor­mation on my main page. But I got busy, so all of that got out­dated. So now I've got just a very sim­ple page that takes less time to up­date. The inter­est­ing bits are out some­where on the inter­net.

Who am I?

A Sonoma County native. A Linux geek; my brain runs Unix.

For a living, I refine laz­i­ness to new levels. I won't be happy until there's robots that take care of every­thing but the fun stuff, espec­ially inc­luding the labor­ious chores of taking care of the other robots. These robots will have to defend us from the mon­keys, nin­jas and pi­rates, until they master robo-dip­lomacy, join forces into a crazy cyber­netic, peg-leg, banana-eating, in­vis­ible army of lazi­ness-ass­i­stance.

But ser­iously, I do com­puter stuff. And I solve prob­lems. Without mon­keys (yet).

What's with the big green thing?

It's an homage to old green on black term­inals. Or some­thing like that. All the cool people use a green on black term­inal win­dow. Unless they're color-blind, in which case they probably use some­thing they can ac­tually see clearly. If you are color-blind and there's a big funky looking thing in the upper-left of this page or just a myst­er­ious blank area: it's just a blown up ‘e’. It's meant to remind you of the pixel lay­out on a C=64 or some­thing like that, except that the actual pixel lay­outs for those fonts tend to look fun­nier when blown up like this.

Don't you know how to make a real web­site?

Yup. But I'm lazy. Even main­taining soft­ware that makes a web­site takes time. I prefer free out­sourcing. I'd rather be sleeping in, or sipping a fine single-malt